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In 2001, after his wife had left him for another man, Don Williamson was inspired to write a poem. The poem, unbeknown to Williamson, contains a hidden message, a secret code that predicts an astronomical event some 13 years later. It's a secret code that even the Vatican are trying to get their hands on.

Karen Crawford is a beautiful American model living in the UK. Her best friend, Angie Jakobs, is a popular television psychic medium. She tells Crawford that she will one day meet a man and will know immediately that there is No Other Man.

Thirteen years later, after splitting from his Swedish girlfriend, Katy Johansson, with the help of Archangel Gabriel, Williamson and Crawford meet on a busy London Street. It's love and lust at first sight and takes them both on a journey of biblical proportions, a journey where they learn the hidden code of the poem and where both their lives are put in danger.

Both acting on the advice of Jakobs, they plan to return to Idaho but are pursued by the Devil’s disciples, Williamson's ex, Katy, and Lex Brampton, who raped Crawford when she was just 13.

Williamson realises that he is the only one who can stop the Devil in his tracks. The poem he penned some 13 years ago tells him how to do it.

Can Don Williamson save the day? More importantly, can Don Williamson save humanity, as we know it?

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